A little information on Washington Floral Service

Who we are...
Washington Floral Service is a regional floral distributor, servicing Washington, Idaho, Montana, parts of Wyoming, and all of Alaska. We don't grow anything ourselves (though some of us have green thumbs), but we source flowers, plants and supplies worldwide to bring you the widest product line possible. We supply product to flower shops, markets, event planners, independent designers and a wide variety of other types of businesses as well as retail customers.

What we do...
We source and distribute flowers! Our product comes from California, Oregon, Hawaii, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Thailand, Ethiopia, Chile... You name the location and we probably have a farm there. We not only carry a wide variety of product in stock in our coolers every day, but we pride ourselves on being able to source pretty much anything that you might need.

Yes - we do plants too. We have a large plant department specializing in indoor ornamental green and blooming plants, with product always in stock.

Supplies and decorator products: We pride ourselves on having the largest and best stocked hardgoods department on the west coast. We not only carry a full range of basic floral supplies, but also extensive lines of silk flowers, furniture, interior decor items, wall prints etc.

Who can shop...

Anyone and everyone! We are open to the public, as well as wholesale customers. We try our best to make our environment approachable to our retail customers, so stop on by, say hello, and take a look around! 

Where to find us...

Tacoma Location

Our Tacoma store located at 2701 South 35th Street in Tacoma, Washington

You can also reach us on the telephone! Our phone number is (253) 472-8343 or at (800) 351-5515- either one will get you in touch with us!

Spokane Location

That's right! We have a second store located at 4310 South Grove Road in Spokane, Washington as well!

You can reach the Spokane location directly at (509) 240-8555, or call us at the Tacoma location and we can transfer you over!